xerxes break

Finally! (*´∀`*)

this is it! this is Japan! yes, I'm here! I'm in Japan right now and will be here for (at least) 4 years!

okay, I'm really sorry for fangirling like this but...I can't help it! *smirking like crazy*

okay, *cough* so, today I went to Animate for the second time in my life (my first time was just..2 days ago). I'm actually thinking to buy my friends some souvenirs when I get back to Indonesia, well, anime stuff of course, that's how we become friends :) back then when I went there although there were so many utapri stuff (even Mamo's Kanon CD, the pre-order of his upcoming 4th album, and above all, a congratulation card for Kanon being 3rd in Oricon rank!), I couldn't see this DVD (somehow I was rushed so I should have missed it) but today..
I'm not sure I wasn't smirking like crazy when I saw this (*__*)

I wasn't going to buy it, since my small laptop couldn't even play DVD (poor me ;__; I should have bring DVD player from Indonesia)
but, well, yeah...isn't that cover saying 'come, buy me' when you look at it? okay, Mamo, you won this time (and I suppose the next time too :))

ah~ this was always been my dream ever since I get interested in seiyuu's world (and that was because of this person too!)
I hope I could also attend one of his concert one day~ I really want to attend the one will be held in October later~ (he'll be the first male seiyuu who held solo concert there!)

sorry..I'm getting really excited here..
I've never wrote an entry this long.
okay, then. for now I'll have to wait until August for DVD player~

I even haven't opened the DVD case as I wrote this entry. This is just...too precious (*__*)
little girl


I've got a new scanner device~
Canon CanoScan LiDE 20 :)

and with that, I scan this...

and make it became like this...

I'm so~ happy~ today~ x)

I've been wanting to scan my drawing for so long, and finally I can~ X)
kaji aoi

[icons] Yuuki Cross of Vampire Knight

I'm back~

yeah, LJ, here I am!
it's been a long time since I've done icontest challenge..
this time, it's focused in female character. My choice fall for Kurosu Yuuki of Vampire Knight. Vampire knight is always been one of my favorite fandoms. Yuuki is a character which is pretty...twisted(?) I don't know, but it's hard for me to know about her deepest heart...she's just too..complicated. but well, that's why I love her ^^

Collapse )
some textures by innocentLexys, sanami276, Rosafarben, JadedReality, TuxXtreme

jewel: the jewel are her accessories ^^
I'm pretty much disappointed this time, but... very well, after a long of hiatus ^^;
.Artist Choice
this time I choose to do it simple. no texture, just some blend and coloring.

please do credit kira_yuki if you use my icons. Comments are lovely. Thank You ^^